When choosing a new front door there are a few things to bear in mind, a front door has to protect your home against intruders, keep the heat in and the weather out. It also has to look beautiful.

As well as being the most secure, well insulated and weatherproof, the Palladio Door Collection offers you the choice of sixteen stunning designs in fabulous colours to compliment your home.

The majority of composite doors sold in the UK have a GPR skin. The reasons are clear. It looks good and it’s strong. With these benefits you won’t be surprised that the Palladio Door also is made from GRP. However there are two big differences from standard composite doors – firstly the structure of the Palladio Door and secondly the thickness of the GRP which gives it a real wood look as well as strength.

The superior MONOCOQUE structure gives Palladio Doors a significant advantage – delamination is impossible because the skin is part of the structure and the structure is not susceptible to movement in extremes of temperature.

Every Palladio Door is moulded from a real oak pattern for a deep grained finish that will look wonderful for many years to come.

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Just a small selection of Palladio Doors videos, courtesy of Palladio Doors.

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Just a small selection of Palladio Doors photos, courtesy of Palladio Doors.