At R&P Windows we offer a bespoke manufacturing uPVC service.

Whether you are you looking for uPVC windows, doors or conservatories then look no further, at R&P Windows Ltd we have over 30 years experience in the uPVC manufacturing industry.

We can offer you a bespoke uPVC patio doors service second to none, whatever your requirements or specifications we will be able to advise you on the best uPVC patio doors.

We realise that sometimes it might be hard to find the right style of patio doors so we make sure we listen to you the customer and advise on the very best range for your individual needs.

We can supply & or fit any conservatory and we offer a FREE measurement service and FREE no obligation quotation just give us a call and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Slim sightlines

With a fully sculptured finish, the R & P patio door’s ultra-slim sightlines ensure you enjoy the maximum amount of natural light in your home.

Smooth and effortless glide

Fitted with a multi-wheeled ‘air glide’ system, the R & P sliding patio door is perfectly balanced as it moves along its track.


Along with security and weather testing, our patio doors have been tested by our in-house team to ensure they meet all standards.


Our patio door are packed full of innovative features, from its multi-wheeled ‘air-glide’ system to hidden crash stops and a built-in decelerator!


Our patio doors have a combined steel reinforcement and multi-point locking system which provides an unrivalled appearance with a high security locking mechanism.


Our patio doors are available with a range of additional options, from handles to low thresholds – perfect for family living.





A few reasons to choose us for your next patio doors

Not your standard patio door

If you have a wider opening span, then why not consider a three or four-pane patio door?

The supreme strength of the Liniar multi-chambered frames make them perfect for larger openings.

So conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms can all benefit from an increased amount of light flooding into your home.

Better for the environment

Not often considered when buying a new product for your home but our product range have a big environmental advantage when they eventually come to the end of their life.

Our system comprises seamless steel sections that are simple to separate once the doors are removed, enabling the uPVC to be recycled faster and with much less effort.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining your R & P patio doors couldn’t be easier. You won’t need to treat or paint them each year to keep them looking shiny and new – and not only that, we offer a 10 year frame guarantee so you can rest assured that the colours won’t fade.

All you need to do to keep them looking their best is an occasional wipe down with soapy water.

Seamless entrance

R & P’s ultra-low threshold option creates a seamless entrance and exit to any home.

Perfect for family homes and wheelchair-friendly access, the R & P low threshold is thermally broken, adding to the energy efficiency of your doors.

A gold or silver finish is also available to perfectly complement the door hardware and add the ideal finishing touch.


Examples of different colours of patio doors